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Growing Spirulina at home

I am a big fans of microorganisms and a good friend just got me thinking about growing Spirulina. As a superfood and /or as a food for an aquaponics program it seems nearly ideal…

Here are some cool web resources I found.

First, wikipedia

This fellow is growing Spirulina for his Bristlenose Pleco (fish) but has given it some thought and has some interesting references.

Here is a YouTube video on growing Spirulina as food for Tilapia in Aquaponics system

And here is the most serious reference I found on the web

Finally, here is a natural health site with a collection of articles on the benefits of spirulina – and offers to sell you the supplement


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American Horticultural Society Youth Garden Symposium comes to Pasadena

The Coral Learning Garden was a stop on the youth gardening tour that was part of the American Horticultural Society’s National Children & Youth Garden Symposium.  This is an article about the event and though our garden didn’t make the article, there is a great picture of key volunteer Chris Martinez at one of the conference sessions.

We had visitors from many of the key school garden networks who I got to meet with later in the day, it was great that I didn’t know who was in the crowd!

The Watermelons of Memory
Roger Swain

Known as “the man with the red suspenders,” Roger Swain is familiar to many American gardeners as the host for 15 years of the popular PBS television program “The Victory Garden.” He is also the author of five books – Earthly Pleasures, Field Days, The Practical Gardener, Saving Graces, and Groundwork – and was co-host of “People, Places, and Plants” on HGTV and the science editor of Horticulture magazine. Roger, who earned a doctorate in biology from Harvard University, began his gardening hobby as a teenager by proudly exhibiting his homegrown vegetables at county fairs. According to Roger, all of us—whether we realize it or not—are linked to the garden because photosynthesis sustains almost all life on earth.