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Compost Tea

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Thriving soil is one of the goals of any edible and/or sustainable gardener. A key part is to feed the organisms in the soil with vast numbers of microorganisms.

Hundreds of years ago, and still today farmers use Manure Tea – manure submerged in water and left to distribute the nutrients and multiply the various microorganisms in the manure.

Today organic farmers use Compost Tea with a more sophisticated blend of ingredients (e.g. compost and worm castings) in de-chlorinated water that is being oxidized (an pump pushing air out a bubbler at bottom of bucket) and appropriate food (e.g. molasses and kelp) to create a rapid growth of the microbial life contained in your “compost”. I use compost, comfrey leaves, stinging nettles, worm castings and occasionally well composted manure as inputs and am in the process of refining my formula… Check out the slide show below.

Compost Tea

Harvard University is evaluated Compost Tea and is now using it widely to maintain their grounds…


Author: Mark Rice

I’m a UC Master Gardener with a huge interest in growing my own food, beekeeping, medicinal herbs and living sustainably. I also have a passion to share these journeys with like minded souls. I work with many off site communities and manage an educational organization and two outdoor learning facilities.

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