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Biodynamics Agriculture

For years I have been intrigued by the work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Rudolf Steiner [wiki]  [Archive].  When one visits Goethe’s home in Wiemar one cannot help but see evidence of his profound appreciation of the interrelatedness of nature.  Steiner stood on the shoulders of this giant and was no doubt profoundly influenced by Goethe’s work in Natural History.  While volumes have been written on these men’s work, I want to provide resources for the gardener looking to understand and implement some of  the insights in Biodynamics wiki  Archive, the system of agriculture inspired by Rudolf Steiner.

Biodynamics represents the meeting place between agriculture, science, cosmology, and spirituality.  I initially found my way into it because of my love of good wine.  Grgich Hills makes my favorite wine and they are a fully biodynamic operation.  With a mother who lives in the Napa Valley it has been easy for me to visit and on one of these visits my curiosity was peaked… Grgich Biodynamic FAQ – a great place to start).

In 2010, while visiting my wife’s family in Northern Germany I identified two very important biodynamic farms, Hof Danwisch and Schumannhof and met both of their owners who have been practicing biodynamics for over 20 years each.  This year, 2011, I was able to return and interview each about their practice.


The links above, especially the biodynamic wiki and the Grgich FAQ are great overviews.  The archive links above go to the source documents by Rudolf Steiner and a number of other useful documents.

Preperations can be purchased from the Josephine Porter Institute in Virginia, supplier to Grgich.  The web site also has lots of other information.

The certification for Biodynamic farms is Demeter.

Scientific paper from USDA web site