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Tools for a mediahub

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It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and many people no longer have much interest in reading a thousand words… Thus we have chosen to tell our stories and those of other sustainable living champions with image, video and audio.

We are collecting a set of tools that might be valuable to others choosing to follow this path and we’ll document the issues here.

With a longstanding love of superior audio our mediahub venture is anchored by a Zoom H4n digital audio recorder. We use this as the audio input device on our videos or as a stand alone unit for podcasts or radio work.

Electro-Voice 635N

via Audio Tips for Recording Better Sounding Interviews | B&H Photo Video Pro Audio.


Author: Mark Rice

I’m a UC Master Gardener with a huge interest in growing my own food, beekeeping, medicinal herbs and living sustainably. I also have a passion to share these journeys with like minded souls. I work with many off site communities and manage an educational organization and two outdoor learning facilities.

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