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Resourcing communities to create a healthier more sustainable future

Taking responsibility to craft wise solutions as individuals and communities

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Clearly, all is not perfect in the world, and it seems that the best response is to go local, go sustainable, and to go as a community.  Corporations, due to their focus on profits and a frequent disregard for people and the earth, craft solutions that are primarily focused on making the profit and maintaining control of the situation.  This inability to see or correctly value the worth of human beings, other organisms, and nature at large leads to solutions that are shortsighted and may hasten our collective decline into something more frightening than an orange alert…

Here is an interesting example of taking responsibility: Marcin Jakubowski is a physicist who is looking at the issue of appropriate technology in and interesting way.  I understand it started with his TED talk and below is a link to an NPR story on his ideas.

Building A Village Starts With Building The Tractor : NPR.


Author: Mark Rice

I’m a UC Master Gardener with a huge interest in growing my own food, beekeeping, medicinal herbs and living sustainably. I also have a passion to share these journeys with like minded souls. I work with many off site communities and manage an educational organization and two outdoor learning facilities.

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