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How to move a city…

I remember the first day of recruiting students to participate in the new Muir High Garden Program.  I was going to distribute an excerpt from the letter Michael Pollen had written to President Elect Obama about food in America.   Someone from the afterschool program came and gave me a bowl of candy and said none of the students will stop if you don’t have this.  Twenty students took my letter, the candy, signed up, and none came to the first day of the afterschool program…    Now the fruit trees we planted in 2008 are bearing fruit, and we have a Director of Public Health, Dr. Eric Walsh and a PUSD Health Coordinator Ann Rector who are helping us all understand the importance of eating well.

Here is a talk by Dr. Walsh speaking at All Saints Church

Her is an interview with Ann Rector about the school district changes.  Pasadena Weekly – Less is More.

And while this isn’t Pasadena, I’m now on the Los Angeles Food Policy Council and know Pasadena will be thinking this way soon…