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The industrialization of agriculture.

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While we are the consumers of industrial food, and at PLG we are particularly focused on consuming non-industrial, local, seasonal, fresh, and often home grown food; there is much to be learned about our whole society by examining this history.

Many well intentioned people from the first to transcend our forging ancestors, to hard workers ripping out the prairie grasses to make room for us, to Monsanto and Wal-mart trying to decide what we eat and where, how ecologically, and how humanly it is produced.

Here are a number of great pieces from Amy Goodman and Bill Moyers…

3 Apr 13  Food day: Jon Tester presents a compelling case against the Monsanto Protection Act, an then there is an informed discussion.

Michael Pollan: From GMOs to NYC’s Soda Ban, Local Efforts Challenge Agri-Giants’ National Control | Democracy Now!.

An amazing story of a farmer facing off with Monsanto.


Author: Mark Rice

I’m a UC Master Gardener with a huge interest in growing my own food, beekeeping, medicinal herbs and living sustainably. I also have a passion to share these journeys with like minded souls. I work with many off site communities and manage an educational organization and two outdoor learning facilities.

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