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Mediterranean Diet Wins Again

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Yet another study is out confirming what most of us already know: The Mediterranean Diet is great for heart health.  The study  participants were given olive oil and tree nut mixtures as a primary focus.  They were also given training on how to eat with generous amounts of olive, fruits, nuts, vegetables and cereals, a moderate amount of fish and poultry, and very little dairy, red meats, processed meats and sweets.  The results: A 30% reduction in cardiac events versus the control group, who was only given advice on eating a low-fat diet.

Important to note is that the Mediterranean Diet is not low-fat.  It’s actually moderate to high fat but it promotes consumption healthy fats and discourages consumption of unhealthy saturated fats like those found in meat.  Additionally, the Mediterranean Diet is about more than just what we eat; it’s about “how we eat.”  Instead of “forcing” our meals down in front of the TV, we should be sitting at the table for a relaxed meal with family or friends and no electronic devices.  This allows you to eat mindfully, actually experiencing how great the food tastes and to know when you are full.  And keep in mind that this diet is not about losing weight.  It’s about better heart health.  Check out more on the study here.  Mediterranean Diet for Hearth Health Gains Momentum.

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