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I’m dealing with Gophers at one my my teaching gardens so I’ll be delving into this issue.  I remember lamenting an earlier encounter with a biodynamic farmer in Germany who wanted to know what my issue was.  This article provides some interesting insights into letting them be, most interesting to me is the point that their population will stabilize and more food will not cause more gophers – this is not how it has appeared to me…

The Dry Garden: Détente with the gopher | L.A. at Home | Los Angeles Times.


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Post-Harvest Handling Decision Tool | Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

I was recently reminded of the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture and thought I’d poke around and I love this resource about large scale harvest handling techniques.  Time to get a tool bank root veggie pressure washer…

Post-Harvest Handling Decision Tool | Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture.