Pasadena Learning Gardens

Resourcing communities to create a healthier more sustainable future


Without our community we would not exist.  Friends, supporters, resources, experts, we have many neighbors that make us possible

New Vision Partners acts as our nonprofit umbrella and provides the space for us to create the Coral Learning Garden, and the wonderful kids who learn and play there.

The founding volunteers: Master Gardeners Jill MacArthur, Andrea Martin, Vivian Fortunaso, Chris Martinez, Valerie Graham, and Anke Rice.

We revived a gardening program at Muir High School,  For two semesters we collaboratively created a curriculum and we co-taught a Pasadena City College class.  This was funded by the Caltech Precollege Science Initiative which made everything possible.

We do a lot of out reach sharing our passion:  Museum of Natural History Sustainable Sundays, Pasadena Earth Day, All Saints Earth Day, Pasadena City College Green day, UC Master Gardener training sessions, Conscientious Projector

Volunteer Groups

PazNaz, Westminster Presbyterian


Mother Magnolia is a local landscaping firm founded by an old friend Tom Scoble. They helped clear the original space for the Coral garden and have provided various services to School and Community Gardens in the area. Tom also is a big proponent of Victory Gardens including a nice one at his home.

Mark and Chris Headley

John D. LeMay

Kindred Spirits

David King, a mentor to many, gardenmaster of The Learning Garden at Venice High School and a founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles [blog] [Facebook].
University of California Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners [LA County]. Most of the founders of Pasadena Learning Gardens are Master Gardeners where we have been trained and found an amazing collection of great people and ideas.

The Huntington Botanical Gardens provides everything from ideas to training, to colleagues, to pots for plant propagation…

Flintridge Foundation provides training to local non profits including classes on grant research and writing and using on-line tools.

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