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Food Justice

There are so many issues when it comes to food production that it is difficult to know where to start.  I always start with obesity and diabetes, the direct result of an industry based on plentiful water and cheap oil…   This page will evolve to always present our spin…  Remember, there is a solution – go local and sustainable and that’s what we’re doing…



Michael Pollan is my guy.  He finds the right information and presents it compellingly, in either spoken [LA Library, Feb. 2008 – the first time I heard him] or written [his web site] or filmed [botany of desire documentary].
Here is a great ted talk I just saw it starts with a recap of the story of bees and our (bees and us) delusion that we are in charge, and then ends with a description of Joel Salatin and his permaculture based farm…

Local opportunities to get involved

FoodJusticeLA, TreePeople. FallenFruit, NELATransitions fruit pickers, Center for Food & Justice


Global food pricing

Genetically Modified Crops

Here is a great comparison of GMO vs the Classical Breeding of plants.