Pasadena Learning Gardens

Resourcing communities to create a healthier more sustainable future


After much study, observation, and experimentation it appears that wellness is an interconnected process.  Our model is to:

  1. Eat better – real food, not so much, mostly vegetables…
  2. Move more – find a way to stretch that also encourages a mind-body connection and find an aerobic activity that you love (walking is fine).
  3. Stay connected – to the earth, our food, our times, and especially our self.
  4. We nurture integral wellness where each of these goals support the others.  We eat well, drink lots of water, and get good sleep; so we can be more athletic or wise.  And in the end, mindfulness; in the context of nature, self care, better nutrition and exercise; often delivers the emotional intelligence and empathy that many see as a key missing element in many important systems – food and education to name a couple.