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The Power of One

Friend and fellow advocate Brian Biery and I discuss our slow change process.


Mark and Carter in the studio at KPFK

Focus on Food

with Mark and Carter – we had a brief and crazy time on KPFK –  Pasadena Learning Gardens facilitated a collaboration between a community of  old friends who were working to change their collective relationship with food, and our radio mentor Alan Minsky- who had a desire to understand and engage the issues around healthy sustainable food.

Fall Special:
Broadcast 1 October 2012- audio coming – can get at KPFK for 60 days
The Cottage Food Bill passed and has been signed into law, now it’s time to get GMO’s labeled.  Carter speaks with Pamm Larry, Founder-Director of
Then we prepare you to get your winter garden in the ground.  Mark speaks with master horticulturist David King, Founder of the Seed Library of Los Angeles, Gardenmaster at The Learning Garden at Venice High, and a great blogger.  Be sure to check out our gardening information page for all the info you need to grow your own food.

Fifth show of summer:
Broadcast 26 July 2012 – audio coming – can get at KPFK for 60 days
Paula Daniels – LA food policy council and LA Land Trust
Michael Dimock of  Roots of change; and the cottage food bill
Mud Baron and the Muir Ranch Project
Sprouting with Tina Thornton
Dining in the Raw, Cooking with the Buff, by Rita Romano
Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon

And come out to Diamond Bar on Saturday to celebrate the one year anniversary at Growing Home – a sustainable homesteading project – where your co-hosts/ producers Mark and Carter will be on a food policy panel – also a potluck, music, tours etc.

Fourth show of summer:
Broadcast 19 July 2012 –[Listen Now]
-Neelam Sharma of Community Services United, Inc
Raj Patel  and his new project, Generation Food
-Mark McAfee, Founder of Organic Pastures and the Raw Milk Institute
Info on Dr. Vandana Shiva, including link to full interview is below (Third show)

Third show of summer:
Broadcast 12 July 2012 [Listen Now]
-Gail Murphy from the Ripe Altadena Food Exchange
-Dr. Vandana Shiva  and her Global Campaign to Save our Seed:
PROP 37 to label GMO’s: Full interview with Dr. Vandana Shiva
Dr. Jayaopal Parla:
Ayurveda Resources:
Ayurvedic Healing, by Dr. David Frawley
Eat, Taste, Heal,  by Dr Thomas Yarema
3-Season Diet, by John Douillard
www.MAPI.COM Ayurvedic Pharmacy
DVD (streaming on Netflix): Ayurveda, the Art of Being

Second show of summer:
Broadcast 5 July 2012 [Listen Now]
This week urban homesteading with
– First a look at AB1616, the CA Homemade Food Act, with infamous artisanal bread baker Mark Stambler, and Assemblymen Mike Gatto.
-Erik Knutzen whose blog Root Simple will give you many great ideas to become an Urban Homesteader, . Backwards BeekeepersChicken Enthusiasts, and the LA Bread Bakers were mentioned.
– Rishi, Ro and Pearl Kumar from The Growing Home share their insights into homesteading and their blog
-An examination of traditional fermented foods (kraut, kefir, kombucha) with Elaina Luther from Culture Club 101, Monica Ford from Real Food Devotee  and a Video,  Uri Laio from Brassica and Brine,  And if your can make it to Santa Barbara on the 15th, there is a free Westin A. Price Foundation Fermentation Forum.  Recipes!!!  Purple Garlic Sauerkraut Recipe  and Video, and a home Root Beer recipe.

First show of summer:
Broadcast 6/28/2012 @3 p.m. [Listen Now]
Featuring, with links:’s Rob and Chelsea McFarland – Backwards Beekeepers – hotline and info;
-a panel discussion on LA Community gardens with David King / The Learning Garden @ Venice HS, Norma Bonilla / Master Gardener community garden start-up guide, Alek Bartrosouf / Green Glendale, and Al Renner / LA Garden Council,  American Community Garden Association resources
Real Food Daily founder Ann Gentry
Joseph Shuldiner and Elizabeth Bowman from the Altadena Farmer’s Market!

Pilot episode (aired 5/10/2012, 3 p.m. PST – [Listen Now])
Featuring, with links:
-Jeffery Smith / It’s time to step up and support the labeling of GMO’s in our grocery stores.
-Yvonne Savio / Learn about the Master Gardeners,  how to garden and programs available around Los Angeles.  Also check out our Gardening tab for a highly selective collection of great gardening resources.
-Chef AJ
  / Kale chips
-Nicole Gatto / LA Sprouts program bringing gardening and nutritional information to at risk communities.

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