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What should I eat?

I’ve been reflecting on this for years and am finally getting a handle on it. First, to paraphrase Michael Pollan in Food Rules, our western diet has led to an unacceptable increase in many health issues. We don’t know enough about how our body uses the complex combinations of food each of us chooses to consume, and tranditional diets, regardless of being protein, fat, or carbohydrate dominated do not lead to many of these health issues.

I’ve come to believe that back in the days where generations of people stayed close to home, that microorganisims in the soil that facilitae nutrient uptake in plants, the plants themselves, and the microorganisims in animals and us, coevolved in a way that created a system that worked amazingly well, and that we’ve found hundreds of ways to break this system…

However I am, like many, such a mutt that I come from many places and Thomas Woolf was right, you can’t go home.

So I’ve found three nutritional models and am convinced the truth lies somewhere in the space between them.

Fist is Joel Fuhrmans model of Nutrient Density

Nutrient Density.

such that we should always maximize the nutrients and fiber we get in a calorie of food and this leads us to eating a largely plant based diet with few animal or highly processed products.

Second is the model of local and seasonal produce

Third is the model of living food – fermented, sprouted, etc.

Author: Mark Rice

I’m a UC Master Gardener with a huge interest in growing my own food, beekeeping, medicinal herbs and living sustainably. I also have a passion to share these journeys with like minded souls. I work with many off site communities and manage an educational organization and two outdoor learning facilities.

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